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Design – great.
Colours/Branding – great.
Marketing – no good.
Google – no good.

You need to follow the 3 step rule to make sales.
1) Be found
2) Provide the information, but not too much
3) Convert the prospect

Yes its a nice website, but does it work in terms of delivering customers?

You need to get your website setup for relevancy for computer troubleshooting in your area. Giving the price away on the website is not a good idea. You leave no reason for people to phone you. They look at the price and either decide “thats good, ill ring” or “nope, too expensive” whereas no prices means they ring to find out. You can then ask them questions, tell them you can be there in half an hour etc! Thats the converting bit.

Sorry to be harsh, but think again about what you want the website to do. My bet is that you want to get customers right? If it is, work out a strategy to appear high up in Google. Then work out what information people want to know and provide ‘teasers’ so that they must contact you. Then install some statistics software as others have suggested to help you track.

Further questions, just ask! Good luck guys. I used to fix computers and found the best marketing was a small $10 advert in the local paper that read ‘Computers. Anything – Anywhere – Anytime’ – phone rang off the hook and because i could fix it quickly, i could charge a premium.