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Renee Barber
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First of all, welcome! Sometimes it’s tough to start flying solo, especially when it comes as a result of ‘downsizing’ because the planning and learning curve is shortened.

Having said that, Laura gave some very good tips for getting out there and getting started. Building up referral networks is a great way to go in particular because companies often have overflow and may not have someone specific to recommend. I’ve actually called tradespeople and been told, ‘No, we don’t have anyone that can get there for’ (whatever time). It doesn’t really help when your faucet is overflowing!

SO, in short, good luck and definitely look around on the forum as there’s tons of advice and some great people who can probably help provide information on your specific industry.

designmill, post: 5369 wrote:
Then I would suggest looking into insurance for the business, I work from home so I don’t need it, but as a plumber you will probably need to take out some sort of cover.

Laura, that’s what I thought about insurance too (I work from home and have very little foot traffic), but a few people on the forum have disabused (not abused!) me of the notion. I’m sure they’ll chime in when they see this post. In particular, I’d look at organising public liability and professional indemnity insurance.