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It’s the bane of my life – copyright issues and the internet.

I don’t know how many times I have been notified by Google Alerts that an article of mine has appeared somewhere I haven’t placed it. Usually the articles have been lifted from my website or ezine and it makes me so cross.

A friend flippantly commented that I should be proud of the fact that somebody would want my writings enough to steal them. The thieves pass the work off as their own but are stupid enough to leave MY copyright sign AS WELL as a link back to my website (the link doesn’t work though).

And what irks me the most? When they change some of the words to make it appear like it’s theirs. Aussie colloquialisms just can’t be camouflaged I’m afraid. (mind you – I did have a giggle when they changed the words – “all the people” to “all the infidels” )

Morally, and (in most places) legally, it’s wrong but unfortunately we seem to live in a world where morals are sadly lacking and lawlessness lives.

Grrrrrrrr!!!! Let me at the miscreants…….