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So I ask you this, why do intelligent people who know “you get what you pay for” with cars, diamonds even toilet paper but not websites.

Unfortunately the middle band of our industry seems nearly nonexistent. A business owner will either choose a very large multimedia firm at a huge cost or, more often, will give the job to a unqualified friend or child.

The point being everyone has a 12 year old cousin or relative who can click save as HTML in word and throws the words ‘web designer’ around. Exactly what you said – Everyone can make a web page.

However that same cousin cannot make a car, and cannot set diamonds.

This causes the value of the service we offer to be perceived as much lower. Due to the fact that everyone has access to web production tools.

However the skill in a web designers work is not the ability to CSS or HTML the true value is the years of training and experience required to fully understand many types of target audiences and design an interface and multimedia experience to match. To create a connection with the target audience and ensure return business.

Until the general public realizes the real nature of our work is not HTML but design. This situation will remain.

Unfortunately while the industry is in this state I doubt many people would be willing to buy Australian. The few companies in the middle band that survive will most likely not be able to afford buying Australian.