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John GeeksOnline
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Hi Leisa,

OK, here are my thoughts…

  1. Whilst you have some really good deals; it is very hard to see where they are (I think the home page maybe a little too busy)
  2. I quite like your graphics, especially the guitar playing guy on the home page looks cool.
  3. I think the logo should also take you back to the home page when clicked on, and if anything should be a little more prominent.
  4. The rollover menu (top right) gets in the way of scrolling sometimes
  5. There is a problem with the cart total which partially covers your logo once you add products to the basket.

I hope I am not being too picky; these are only my personal thoughts, and I’m sure others will have differing opinions. All in all, there is plenty of good content on your site though.

leisadent, post: 5521 wrote:
Hi all,

I’ve put a lot of work into my website recently and would appreciate comments on any aspect of the website, or specific products and prices including the new “order online and save $50” specials for business cards, bookmarks, swing tags, postcards and DL cards.


(for the “online specials” see “print pricing” on the left nav area)

Thanks, Leisa
Alexandra Design and Print