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Angela communic8 design
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Hi Andrew,

Two things I’d recommend:

Do more of what works
Have a good look at what’s worked in the past. Hopefully you’ve been tracking where your leads come from but don’t despair if you haven’t, just go back over your current clients and note down where they came from as best you can. Are there some people who have been great referrers? Why not take them out to lunch or send them a small thank you gift? I’m a big fan of Gold Class movie tickets.

Ask questions
Do a survey of your current clients and ask – What was going on in their lives at that point in time that made them go seeking the services of a financial planner. What fears and concerns did they have about financial planners in general. What was it that lead them to choose you – you get the picture, this information is incredibly valuable to you and can make writing a direct mail piece or updating your website a piece of cake.

When you know your clients really well, what’s up in their lives, what they’re worried about and what you do better than your competitors then it’s simply a matter of communicating that message to them and there’s a huge variety of ways to do that – e-marketing, direct mail, running an event… The method of communication is nowhere near as important as what you have to say.

Finally – combine those two strategies
Survey your good referrers to find out why they referred your services. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to encourage more people to refer to you.

Good luck with attracting more clients.