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Renee Barber, post: 5799 wrote:
Hi Greg

I agree with Sally that your website looks great! I’m viewing it in Firefox so it may just be me, but I’d really like to see a sweet favicon rather than the standard Joomla one, but that’s a fairly minor point since the rest of it is so inviting. If there isn’t a favicon and you need one, this site is pretty good for generating them: http://www.favicon.cc.

I’ll definitely look forward to reading some professional development articles as in the hurly-burly of daily business activities, it’s easy to lose focus.

Thanks for the link Renee. I now have a favicon. I have given to the web guy to upload. Hopefully in the next couple of days you’ll see it.

I will redo the reachlogo as well. It doesn’t fit the look and feel of the page. Techies do not always make the best design people…