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Chris Bates, post: 20031 wrote:
What’s so complex about your website that it’s taking so long?

It needs a fully integrated, custom project management system on the backend to manage 200 writers, 10 editors, 5 project managers and up to 100 projects at a time and also incorporate a range of tools to make it easy to manage like plagiarism software and the ability to export to different formats and affiliate modules, etc.

So it’s a highly customised job … not a lot that can be done with templates etc.

When I decided to proceed with the job at the start of the year I wasn’t sure where to go to get this done and a friend put me on to someone – unfortunately this person is not a full-time business owner (has a day job) and I think the job might have been a bit much in terms of work load and knowledge requirements.

Since then I’ve found a couple of people who are fulltime business owners and have a really good development background, so we’re going back to the start (doh!) – but hopefully this time around it will go a bit more smoothly!