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We buy cotton towels 28 x 28 cm 25 gram dry weight good quality towels ( with 8 x 8 cross pattern ). Usually buy in orders of 6000 dozen- 72,000pcs ( 3 times a year ). See if you can get me a price cheaper than what we are paying and we might do business. CIF prices please. We also import individually packaged wet wipes – see what prices you can get for those too. We use al foil wrappers and need customet logos on wrapper. Our MOQ at the moment is 100,000 which is a bit much for some customers. Can you find a company who will produce logos on wet wipes for a MOQ of 50,000 or even 25,000 pcs? If so please feel free to contact me. We are already buying so are very aware of prices.

samwoo1985, post: 5775 wrote:
How to find a reliable supplier in China, I am working in a foreign trade company in China, I will reply to anyone who have question as far as I can.
Glad to join in the forum.