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David Mallory
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Just came across this oldish forum but thought I would contribute anyway.

Hourly rate calculation for any professional or tradie is always a difficult thing to compare. While it is wise to be cognisant of what the competition is charging it is IMPERATIVE that you know what your own costs are and calculate your own BREAK EVEN POINT. If your hourly rate is below this YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. If you consistently charge at your Break Even rate you will survive (as the economists say “cēterīs paribus”). Above the BE Point you will be making money….YEAH!!!! Once you know your BE Point you must charge at least that each and every time. Just because someone else is charging say $35 per hour that does not mean that you can because their fixed costs, variable costs and desired annual income are very likely to be quite different to yours. Google Break Even Point and you should get lots of references on how to calculate it……..but then again I would hope that as a bookkeeper you will already have that knowledge and training without having to search for how to do it!

Also remember that if you try to match or better the rate being charged by others you risk a price war and the only people who win those are the liquidators.

Never be ashamed of your price if you have been honest to yourself in your calculations.

Target your offering at that section of the business community that is prepared to pay you what you are worth.

That’s all