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7/ Add a little touch of YOU – People want to work with people they know, like and trust. Sometimes you need to expose just a little of you (the real you behind the business you). By opening up and allowing your target market just a little look at who you really are beyond your business you will find that people will come and take a look out of curiosity.

Thanks Sheree, for a very informative post and I have with your permission put it on another less informed forum of cleaners, carpet Cleaners and Restorers, and have included your web and email addresses so they can contact you should they feel the urge.

Taking these seven ideas and changing the name to ‘the seven steps to marketing sucess’ will give that oomph.
By using these steps, we go from having competition to not having competition to being leaders.
Just trying to pick one idea as a favorite I had to go with #7, to me this brings about CREDIBILITY.

So congratulations for posting something we can ALL use to better our marketing approach.