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Hey all,

some great replies and advice coming through thanks. I’ve just quickly gone through and noted the main points everyone is making.


– pay a professional/consultant to tell you what to do
– directory submissions
– directory submission – but only to relevant ones
– invest (time, money) in content of the site
– submitter software, for submitting to directories and article directories
– link exchanges with useful relevant sites (PR3,4,5)
– buy a link or two
– links from relevant authority sits
– write articles
– build backlinks through article sites


– buy traffic
– buy links
– buy visitors
– mass submissions to low quality sites

Most people are saying similar things which is good, but there is still a bit or variation of how some of those things should be done. Link exchanges, directory submissions etc.

Few others that I thought would be worth doing

– Blogs (having your own and contributing to others)
– Social networking (facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, etc etc)
– Forum postings, both the signature links, and traffic they provide

In terms of SEO I’ve been amazed at the amount of Information on the internet about it. Some will try and zap you try and sell you secrets and ebooks to getting top rankings, and hidden seo secrets etc. But really I think that is a load of rubbish. There is soo much information out there and all free, there is no way their can be hidden secrets, you just have to spend some time reading and searching.