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Hey there,

I really like what I’ve read here and the summary list you made – well done.

I use the internet marketing tactic of free directory listing for directories of PR 3 – 8. I haven’t paid for directory listings mainly for budget reasons – if I can list with so many for free then I needn’t pay. And then there’s the comment of Google not liking paid listings so that’s fine with me.

I have a list of nearly 250 free directories that gets worked through. It does take a while but I have a friend help me and we just get it done. I do it more for the links to the site and rely on the main directories to bring me traffic.

Years ago I read that using those submissions services could do your business more harm than good as each directory has a different method for listing so a general blast wouldn’t be effective.

I agree that’s there are no secrets about internet marketing that can be revealed in a nifty e-book but there are some advanced tactics that aren’t generally talked about openly. I like having the ideas and advice condensed (why I like your summary) and read the latest Google explanation book to get a better idea of how it works.

To keep track of my internet marketing efforts I have a work diary that I write down what I’ve done that day and have a marketing database for tracking sites etc. I like things systemised to make it easier to replicate for new online businesses and update for existing ones.

All the best with your endeavours.


PS. You’re welcome to have an original article on my women’s magazine if you like. :)