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Adam Randall, post: 9332 wrote:
Plan tommorow today!

Thats the only time management motto I live by.


Hi Adam,
I do the same. I was having trouble managing my days and the tasks to do and trying to fit everything in, until I started doing the following;
1. At the end of each day, I create a list of tomorrow’s ‘must do’s’. I allocate some time to each task. I work on a 9 hour day, so I make sure the tasks I include do not go over 7.5 hours. This leaves me an hour and hald for contingency do deal with ’emergencies’. There is always something that can be done if no emergencies occur.
2. I only check email twice per day, and only allocate half an hour in total to it. If I can’t answer it there an then in a matter of a couple of minutes, it becomes a task. A quick email back to the sender saying I will get back to them acknowledges the fact I have seen it and am chasing an answer. That then becomes a task to schedule.
3. Tick off the tasks as they are completed. Nothing more satisfying than seeing something put to bed.