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Hi Susie,

yeah that’s exactly what I meant. Cool, you’ve got one setup. How is that working for you? Is that where all your sales come through or do you have a store also?

Couple of things I quickly noticed. There is not a lot of content or product information about the things you are selling, people generally need a lot of information to help them make their decisions. Also, I couldn’t find your shipping charges or shipping information anywhere on the site, shopping cart abandoment rates can be upto 95% just due to this.

There is probably a lot more you can do to improve the site, and thankfully a lot of free info on the web that should help. This is a site i’m just looking through at the moment http://www.marketing-results.com.au/client-attraction that seems to have some good free resources. There are also a lot of good free articles on this site you should check out. A lot of info out there to wade through and can take a lot of time and reading to take all the stuff in, but if it helps its worth it! Also if you don’t have the time to do it yourself there are a lot of paid service providers that I’m sure would be happy to jump in and help.

Hope that helps a little.