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Chenna Collections, post: 6704 wrote:
Thanks for the feedback guys.
I did not build the site from scratch, i bought a template from a website company to reduce start-up costs, this will make it hard to adjust a whole lot of things asides from the content.
I have tried to give as much information as possible on my info pages.
In response to Gareth’s questions:

1) What is your website primarily going to be used for? Awareness information or selling online or other?
My website is primarily geared towards selling my products and services online.
2) Who is your target market?
My target market is working women from 18 to 65.
3) What other forms of marketing do you have other than your website?
Other forms of marketing I use are my blog, twitter, facebook, email, word of mouth, and then i have e-commerce stores in other online marketplaces such as etsy, ecrater and artfire. I don’t advertise this website there, but I have links to my blog.
I have also listed my site on a number of local directories and on google.
4) What is unique about your product?
My product is unique because it features my unique style of designing. Our signature bags are unique because of the materials that are used in creating them and the way they are made.
5) Did you pay someone to put this together or did you do it yourself?
I paid someone for the template and some of the photography, but the content I did myself.

Ok, templates are great for saving money however it is rare you will find one that suits your requirements and delivers you a sale. Good websites can cost a lot of money. But if you get it right, they pay for themselves 100s of times over. For example, we have 4 websites. We average around $250,000 worth of sales from these websites each year. They would cost about $4-$5k each, but they work! And work well!

Thanks for spending the time to reply to my questions: My responses:

1) Big issues here. It is hard to complete the sales process. By this i mean being found in Google for your products, landing on the information required and then being converted. Should be simply, easy and sales focused. Checkout http://www.dealsdirect.com.au – excellent online shopping website.

2) Your target market is incredibly broad. Its probably about 30% of the population. That is nearly 7 million people! i seriously suggest you fine tune this demographic. If you had a product aimed at 7 million, even if you got 1%, you’d be selling like no tomorrow. May i suggest you check out the Google Keyword tool – https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal for some stats on search volumes.

3) Can you please explain more about the responses, stats, returns on those other forms of marketing? Have you considered offline marketing?

4) That is a good point of difference. Why does your website not tell me that?

5) I understand cost cutting is important however i suggest you spend about $4k on a fully fledged online shop put together by a professional company with case studies to back it up. Then setup a Google Adwords Campaign to promote the website.

Feel free to ask questions and apologises if i seem harsh, just trying to be honest. Would also be good if you have some statistics reports so i can see what is happening on your website and why you may not be selling product.