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Hi Tea,

I understand fully the reasoning behind your post.

Web designing/developing is such a competitive business because there are so few barriers to entry. I can make a couple of sites for friends and next thing I’m a web designer/develop. Put up a website and start charging people money.

Professional designers really do need to push the features of their services that the “backyard” designers lack in. Leela mentioned in another thread about the professionalism (or lack of …) of so many web developers or designers (I can’t remember which). Things like communication and deadlines.
Add in long term maintenance and expansion of sites, SEO, security, general maintenance (downtime, software versions, security patches) etc etc.
If you buy the services of a cheap developer/designer at least some (if not all) of these things will be lacking.

To turn it around … everyone is welcome to start a web design/development business and learn from their mistakes. You can’t begrudge someone for wanting to step into the same industry as yourself ;)