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Good question Liam,
The main thing an SME should be doing right now is improving their energy and water efficiency and reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill. Put simply this means cutting any wasted resources.

That might include setting up processes to allow as much waste as possible to be recycled, or it might mean upgrading old lighting with more energy efficient products, or it could be as simple as ensuring staff turn off their computers at the end of the day. Below are 5 tips to help people focus on what’s needed:

1. Be Prepared – Take Action Now
– Consumer awareness & expectations are already changing.
– Engage employees in the process.
– Improve your knowledge & gain access to resources & tools.

2. Know Your Business-Measure & Monitor
– Measure & monitor all business inputs & outputs.
– Identify your goals.
– Improve resource efficiency and reduce waste.

3. Know Your Supply Chain-Suppliers & Customers
– Engage with consumers.
– Map the source of product inputs.
– Identify opportunities for low carbon products & services.
– Try to share development costs & knowledge benefits.

4. Promote Your Progress-Verify & Communicate
– Seek independent verification of your credentials.
– Promote your credentials & initiatives.
– Quantify & communicate the carbon footprint of your products.

5. Stay Alert-Identify Future Opportunities & Risks
– Instil a culture of continual improvement.
– Seek opportunities to benefit & stand out from the crowd.
– Assess your progress and celebrate success.