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Ric Willmot
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ray_223, post: 6353 wrote:
Hi Ric,

I appreciate your valued input on the FS forums (and I’m sure 99% of others do as well) ;)

I have received “similar” feedback before. I’m a member of a non profit and I put lots of work into it (hundreds of hours over almost 10 years).
I’m sure 99% of people appreciate the work I do, but I do get the occasional comment that I’m doing all of this for my benefit (somehow).
I believe the only people who make those comments are the ones who only do things if it benefits them, they just don’t understand why people put so much effort into something which they don’t get (direct) rewards for.

Thanks Ray. I appreciate your comments and those of the many others who have emailed me personally.

I think my post gave us all plenty to think about.
Learn from this that succeeding in business means having good self-esteem, to ask the opinion of those you respect and ignore everything else.

I won’t be making any more comment about this matter.

Enjoy your work and continue having fun!