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Eco Manifesto
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linkartist, post: 6433 wrote:
I think that if there are rules that are there for a reason – in this case so that the community doesn’t become a hotbed of vapid self-promotion & spamming

Its simple – IF its blatant “self promotion” and against the forum guidelines – then it shouldn’t be done

Denise Maffey wrote:
So, those that want to read the comments by Ric can tune in, and those that don’t can choose not to read them.

linkartist, post: 6433 wrote:
And soon enough, it becomes a meme flea market of people just trying to sell shit… and kills the community to boot

I don’t think anyone has any issue with posts that are relevant and inline with what this forum was created for – it’s posts that are not that become the issue. If you want to read comments by Ric (or anyone else!) that should not really be posted on this particular forum – join their newsletter, bookmark their website and go for it!

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