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I do have to somewhat agree with Jexley … I am both good looking AND awesome!

But also …

Ric, your stuff is really valuable. But I’d like to see you INTERACT with people a little more. Answer questions, give feedback that isn’t a link to your website … I know you do SOME of this … but how about setting yourself a rule that for every post of your own material, you’ll give answers / feedback to someone else?

I think you’ll be surprised at how this works FOR you and how you’ll actually get more interest in your company and what you do … Flying Solo has plenty of articles already (with more fantastic ones being added constantly!) – the point of the forums is that it’s a place for us to interact …

You’ve obviously got a LOT of value you could add – especially to those just starting out on their journey … and that value is more likely to be communicated if you have conversations than if you lecture …

Just a thought …