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Carolyn Queale
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Hi Renee

thanks for the tips I hadn’t looked into the control panel section.

Your website has shown me so much more about you it looks fun and personable. The part that interested me was the numerology I am a 7, funny because i have always been drawn to the number 7. I found the first part of that true however none of those occupations have ever entered my mind, although I am good with numbers and my husband is an engineer!

In regards to the mystery shopping we do use contractors and although we mostly have jobs that look at in person shopping we also look at websites, email, phone and even marketing messages. My sister whom I run the business with does about 90% of her shopping online.

I will have to remember you when I get around to writing my own book one day – not just yet because the exact idea hasn’t hit me and i want a bit more life experience.