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Hi KeyCam,

I noticed that the first post was only your second post here, I think interacting within this forum is supportive, I would also suggest a regular business event, like your local chamber of commerce.

I go with no plans of drumming up business, more to share and hear what others are up to….(I have gained work from it, but relish the friendship & support more than the moola)

Maybe activities like this would keep you ‘active’.

Otheres have made some really good comments.

You could always put it in a drawer and not look at it for a few months.

But I like the idea of outsourcing the blogging to a VA ~ you have already put the content together, and when you feel like coming back to it, I am sure you will with gusto.

Like flying solo, you could always look around for guest bloggers, available world wide, to assist in building up your community and interest in the upcoming book!