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Just as he says, it all depends.

Maybe you need to ask your clients, or potential ones. I do think it depends on a persons age, if you grew up without mobiles and even STD was considered a bit expensive then you will hesitate to call a mobile. And correct me if I am wrong, but I think the ones who have ditched their landline in favour of a mobile are probably more the younger age bracket.

There is an alternitive, some time back I would have liked to have had a landline as well as a mobile, but a bit extravagant. Then more recently I looked at a 1300 number and the cost to have that redirected, hmmm. But then I started to look at internet (voip) phones. It is possible to set it up so that you have 1 line at your home/office and another come in via internet on a 3G mobile. You can then redierct the first to the second free. I am doing it now and it costs me about $8/month including 100 calls nation wide untimed.

If your interested I’ll tell more.