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Hi AussieWorker and welcome to the forums,

That is one hell of a bloody good idea! Its both bold and ambitious in its concept and breadth, and I’m very interested to see just where this will go.

Good on you for conceiving this and implementing a simple commonsense online solution. I think you will find many service professionals will want to get involved to their varying level of availability and time, and many contributors will input their thoughts and advice, as well as their own workplace concerns.

I’ll stick my hand up in providing some support in my related field, and I won’t be the last. Perhaps a suggestion that I hope you have some kind of business plan nutted out for development, as that forum could go gang busters.

There is great advice in these forums for web marketing and internet promotions from a range of talented people that you will pick up by browsing, so I’ll limit the this to a single free avenue suggestion of registering with all the local business directories (HotFrog, zpages, Dlook, AussieWeb, TrueLocal, StartLocal, etc) that can handle your business in its current format.

All the best mate, and good luck with it!

cheers, Richard