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LeelaCosgrove, post: 6661 wrote:
I’m with Liz – a resounding YES to putting your picture on your profile …

Instead of being worried you’ll scare away potential clients (which, by the by, I wouldn’t worry too much about – I was 25 when I started my writing business and it was NEVER an issue) – ask yourself this …

Do YOU want to work with people who would NOT work with you because of your age?

Two years into my business I got a whopping great big full sleeve tattoo on my left arm. Some people thought I was crazy

“What will you do if it freaks your clients out???”

My answer …

“Fire them! Why would I want to work with someone who would NOT hire me because I’ve got a tattoo???”

I agree with Liz, too, that you should get a photo that represents you and how you feel … at my seminars, I get people to do this really cool exercise where they have to define their BUSINESS as a person … there’s a LOT of breakthroughs during that exercise!

I know what it’s like to be young and starting a business (especially in your industry – that’s where I started!) – there’s a real temptation to try and present a “corporate” image – an image that you think is ‘acceptable’ and that will get you more work.

If I could give you ONE piece on advice that I WISH someone had given me when I started …

The most powerful tool you have in business is YOU – your individual and unique coolness. Got tatts? Flaunt ’em. Martial artist? Talk about it. Collect stamps? Use it.

The more I’ve done this, the more money I’ve made. The toughest times I’ve had in business has been when I have been trying to be someone other than myself because I thought that would make me successful … not only was that incredibly stressful and exhausting – it was also wrong.

Be you … not who you think other people think you are supposed to be … and that includes putting a picture of yourself on your website.

Hi Leela,
Oh boy… so you started out just like me? I’ve just visited your site and am blown away. Speechless. Your website is very in-your-face – but you’re right! Almost every other writing website – including mine – tells everyone how eloquent we all are, how perfect our punctuation and grammar. You’ve certainly given me something to think about, particularly about showing my own colour a bit more. I think I’ll give it a try!

Thanks again,