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Adam Randall
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Helen B, post: 6729 wrote:
Actually, that’s two Adam, but I totally get your point :-D

Not a fan of Kath and Kym then….

I have thought about changing my name because I always have to spell it out to people being that its a common word but spelt differently, Creydall, most people spell Cradle……

Trying to think of a name at the spur of the moment and just put my name and my wifes maiden name together, Crey and Randall, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now that so much business is web based, if you do decide to change it, make sure it is not a common term as you will never be able to make it stand out with the search engines (or it will be very hard)

For example, if I was to call myself – Expert Computer systems, this would be a very bad thing.

So if you were to call yourself – Ultimate design studio or something similar, for the web at least it would be the same as crossing the streams….. it would be bad.