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Hi Paul,

Yes, I do use Drupal and our site is drupal. The only reason we are rebranding it to Kobo CMS is the fact that we built custom modules that come standard which aren’t available as part of the “standard” Drupal install – so like yours, it isn’t vanilla. We do mention (well we are still writing the content) that we use Drupal as the base engine for our CMS sites, but I don’t want clients to think that it is a fixed package. I want them to know that whatever they want, we can do it, but on another note – if I get hit by a plane, our client can be reassured the site is built upon a popular CMS package and can be taken over easily by another developer.

I do see your point though, and have been thinking hard about it for a while.


I have yet to come across a client who has actually heard about Drupal. Most don’t care. But I o think I need to make it clear that it is one of the leading systems out there and mentioning that it is used by Nasa and the like really helps gain people’s trust too.

For now i am just testing to see which gets the best response. I may use some of my other domains to test the market a bit and will post my results here if I remember. I think it would be good for any developer to learn which technique works best. Saying that it also depends on how well I sell each one too.

Thank you both for your responses.