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I guess my point is that Leela shouldn’t complain about the lack of professionalism, when she’s not prepared to pay even a reasonable, let alone premium price for it.

Those places work on volume, and make their money that way, and that’s fine. I have no objection to people going with what they can afford… the cheapskates often end up being the worst, highest maintenance clients anyway so its no loss to me :)

But just don’t complain when you get crappy service, and then go on business forums and call a whole industry unprofessional, simply because the good ones won’t work for a pittance.

FWIW, if a client approached me and had a number of sites to do, I actually WOULD work within their budget as best I can, because I actually do not provide packages and quote for specific requirements. I work as a partner with every single one of my clients – and have been known to help out for very cheap and even free sometimes, because they have been good to me with ongoing work… but they NEVER assume it and they know my value.

I also create sites that are extendable, which makes life a lot easier when you have a few projects – they often share backends etc.

What I got annoyed about is the assumption that because someone might not bow down and accept what you offer to pay, that that is unprofessional… or that there is no quality difference between the price ranges. There is.

Leela, if you have so many projects, there are ways to streamline these that you might not be aware of and save money in the long run. Have you explored these options? A professional web designer/developer would also try to help you out and advise you of better ways to do things.