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The problem you have is that there are REALLY good designers based in New Zealand who do AWESOME landing pages for under $500.


Vaughan works for all the big names in the internet marketing industry.

The design is good.

The turn around time is great.

The customer service is brilliant.

The price is right.

These are basic wordpress themes … but that’s all I need for a landing page. I’m not talking full CMS moving bits and pieces pages … but basic landing pages …

THIS is what LEELA wants from a web designer … as I said, I’m after very basic landing page work – for which I will NOT pay $2,500 … I don’t care how good your customer service is and I don’t care what a great designer you are …

Not my cup of tea so much, but there are also those Magic Dust guys … they do sites for $495, lock you into a hosting contract and you don’t actually own the site – you can’t take it with you if you leave … but their work is AWESOME and I’ve heard their customer service is very, very good … that’s NOT what I want from my designer, personally – I want to own my site outright – but you have to accept that there is really good design being done for a price you don’t like.

I never intended to insult anyone – I was just stating a fact.

I can get good to GREAT design for considerably less than $695.

I can get all of that with outstanding customer service and a really quick turn around time from Vaughan at Killer Covers …