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OK, so then, don’t go bagging out professional designers on a business forum as unprofessional or unreliable.

You just admitted yourself that you do not value good design. So please don’t go bagging out an industry that you actually don’t know anything about.

And I mean that in the most respectful, non-personal way possible.

And on a personal note, I would just like to add that I sometimes find your assumptions about other people’s clients and their size, or what we are earning to be offensive. I don’t think you mean to do it, but I feel like it becomes a bit of a “whip it out” thing — where, when I work with some rather big and famous entertainers who make well more than a million bucks a year (one of them makes 50 times that), but because I am subject to NDAs, cannot really speak about it.

So please, don’t make assumptions.