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Renee Barber
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Hi Howard, welcome to the FS ‘shop’! :-)

After reading your musings, I have to say there’s a poet/travel writer in there. Your observations showed good tone and a keen sense of storytelling.

While I’m giving out unsolicited feedback, I thought I’d let you know that I found your logo (mainly just the initials) to be very strong, perhaps too strong, so you might want to do a bit of testing on it. One of my associates talks about ‘hindbrain’ responses to things and mine was to want to hide behind a tree. Dunno why … Perhaps I need a nap! *grin*

By the way, in a former life, I was a career document developer, but I’m contractually unable to work in that field for a while now (two years in toto). It’s just as well since I’m too busy writing, editing, designing and offering strategic marketing advice (usually solicited)!

OK, I’ll close for now and wish you the best of luck.