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Heidi Price
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Adam Randall, post: 6836 wrote:
So a blank page?

You dont have a favourite menu system that you drag into the project perhaps?

You code it from scratch? so you have to write your own menu system each time you start a new project.

You create the css or whatever you are using from scratch each time?

Surely your web designs are not that unique that there is not a framework you can work from to speed up the process and reduce the cost?

Actually Adam I do code from scratch EVERY TIME.

Not becaue my designs are that unique, but as this is they way I enjoy working. I love begining with an empty page.

And it doesn’t matter if I am working with html, xhtml, xml, php, js, or css.

Yep, I could have a framework but I have found the work process that is most effective for me, and in the end my clients aren’t complaining :)

Nothing wrong with “having” to write a new menu system or css each time. Better than doing the same old thing to death.