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Paul Murphy
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ray_223, post: 6822 wrote:
Thanks for all of the replies …


Yes, building/maintaining a website does take a lot of skills.

Do you think “eventually” though that combinations (including SEO, copy, email hosting, etc) of a template based solution will give the majority of customers a suitable solution?

Of course it depends on who your customers are… but we put a CMS in the solution for pretty much anything we do. It adds about 10 minutes to deployment, and simplifies management even if customer never log in themselves.

To answer your question, a templated solution supported with the specific skills (SEO, copy, hosting) can meet the initial requirements of many different types of customer.

But websites are rarely a one off affair – if they are successful (and in the right market) customers will want to expand the capabilities and functionality (let alone the constant “fresh content” that most sites need).

This is good for everyone, and should be a goal of the engagement – hence putting a CMS in from the start, it provides the agility to respond to requirements quickly – and gives the customer the option to do their own thing.

I have spoken with web design agencies (during partnership discovery) who have stated “we don’t like to use CMS because of the revenue we earn doing changes”. I read “trivial changes” in that sentence, as the smallest change would book an hours charge no doubt, and so earn the maximum revenue for the time taken.

This is tantamount to holding content to ransom in my opinion.