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Heidi Price
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paul, post: 6853 wrote:
I have spoken with web design agencies (during partnership discovery) who have stated “we don’t like to use CMS because of the revenue we earn doing changes”. I read “trivial changes” in that sentence, as the smallest change would book an hours charge no doubt, and so earn the maximum revenue for the time taken.

This is tantamount to holding content to ransom in my opinion.

Don’t necessarily agree Paul – although I admit there are those who do this.

It all comes back to target market, as Leea said above.

We currently do not deploy CMS with our sites. Not because we hold clients to “ransom”, but because our target market do not have the time/skills/desire to execute changes, updates and additions.

If it’s a simple matter of tweaking a few lines of code then there is no charge. If page needs adding or altering significantly, then it comes under their Management package – a once yearly fee, not an hourly amount.

Who knows – in the future we may offer CMS, but right now we are kept busy enough with the way we do things now.