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HI there, I expect by now you have probably sorted out an account but thought I’d tell you about my experience. I am like you, I’ve just started a business and have very little in the way of transactions (hoping that will change as the business develops). I didn’t want to pay bank fees but it seemed everywhere I went there were lots of fees and hidden charges too. Even Bankwest say they have no monthly account fee but charge you $5 a month to access online banking. I ended up going with Bendigo Bank. They have no account fee for their basic business cheque account but you pay for each transaction but not to receive payments, which is mainly what I needed. I was also able to link a Visa debit card so I could make purchases online. I found them very pleasant and the account was open in 10 minutes with minimal paperwork. With the other bank that I mentioned you needed a degree to fill out the paperwork and they wanted to charge me for an extract of my business registration. Hope this info helps. Good luck.