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Marvel (If I can use your first name) :)

Lots of great ideas here…and I hope there are as many when I come back to Aust.

The referral idea seems to be working for you, I guess what you want is more business type clients, ie B2B rather then B2C.

What you could do is host an event, where you can invite some of your business type clients and ask them to bring along at least one of their own business contacts.

The event you could host in collaboration with someone else and have a speaker that may talk about something interesting in the IT sector, such as web marketing or the like…something that will interest people.

At the event you could have some information about your business along with your event partner. You will also be able to collect business cards during the event and at the same time go around and meet as many people as possible. The following week chase them up with an email and request a meeting to discuss their IT needs.

Prior to the event you might want to get to know who has RSVP’d to the event and who you think will give you business so that during the event you spend time gettig to know these businesses well.

I guess my post has turned more into a networking post rather then cold calling…

nuff rambling.