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marvelit, post: 7033 wrote:
well i have been here less than 24 hours, and i have already created multiple threads lol! I guess i have had a lot of questions, and no one to ask for a long time.

I have a set of questions that i need answered. I always ask myself these questions, but obviously thats not going to help me. If i knew the answers i would be a millionare, or at least on my way haha.

If you could take the time out to answer these, even if its not all of them i would be much appreciated. You can email me your answers if you dont want them publicly available. I think more businesses on here should be doing the same thing!

How did you find your current “computer guy”?
*Wouldn’t say I have a computer guy!! When I need someone usually referred by family member

how many have you used in the past?

why did you change businesses / people?
*Need was one off

how often do you need help?
*Rarely usually only when something goes wrong

how much roughly do you pay?
*Job related – replaced hardrive

what do you like about your current computer company?
*Wouldn’t say I have a current computer company. Has to be one that meets my needs and fits my budget.. Which varies

what don’t you like?
*Very messy shop front, worked in the shop, not sure that was a bad idea, just messy & unclean! ! appeared disorganised, not sure he was..

Do you trust them, and if not, why?
*Not sure, vaguely uneasy but can’t say why.. My son’s business uses him so went with him where otherwise I may not have.

What service would you rather, remote support (fixing via remote desktop), on site support(technician comes to your doorstep in person) or phone support, and why?
*Phone support is O.K. If you can follow instructions..
*Like the remote desktop too,
*BUT for actual physical stuff have to have the face to face..
*ALSO Sometimes for those of us that are less computer literate it’s easier to show rather than tell!!

Do you pay for pro active maintenance? (ie monthly servicing of a server etc)
*N0, but am considering updating my computer and may look at that now I am in business (up to now I haven’t been in my own business)

if someone was to approach you to change your computer service/repair provider, what sort of attributes would make you consider using this new business?
*The personal connection!! You have to make sure that you are genuinely going to provide a personal service to them..
*They will go with you because they trust you and you make them feel like their business is important to you..
*Obviously you have to be able to meet their needs too, but that should be a given..
**Also look at the added value factor – try to be pro active and provide them with extra information, resources, helpful links, suggestions etc that isn’t going to cost them and doesnt look like you are trying to get more out of them..

Thanks for your time!


**hope some of this helps Jacob!!