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How did you find your current “computer guy”?
Local from yellow pages – but what appealed to me was that he was local.

How many have you used in the past?

Why did you change businesses / people?
First one – I asked him to come in and not only clean out the system, but also setup backup system and help with setting up multiple email accounts.

How often do you need help?
Currently I still need my emails set up properly but otherwise really just for a dust cleanout.

How much roughly do you pay?
$60-$90 per hour

What do you like about your current computer company?
Local / goes the extra mile and service is great

What don’t you like?
I am to lazy/busy to get him in to do what I need.

Do you trust them, and if not, why?

What service would you rather, remote support (fixing via remote desktop), on site support(technician comes to your doorstep in person) or phone support, and why?
Doesn’t bother me as long as the job is done properly

Do you pay for pro active maintenance? (ie monthly servicing of a server etc)

If someone was to approach you to change your computer service/repair provider, what sort of attributes would make you consider using this new business?
I am often willing to give someone new a go but find that they tend to make promises and don’t deliver.