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Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your great reply!

As I have expressed previously, there is going to be no post outs, no cold calls, I am delivering all of this in person.

I will be offering a computer / infrastructure audit with each “gift” given to every client. This is also going to be free, as stated in my first post.

I have done a direct mail campaign before, with very little success.

I do want to try doing it in person, as I feel once they meet me I can sell it myself, instead of having a faceless flyer or a multiple page information pack that might as well be written in a different language for most people.

In regards to price, the mugs are costing me under $750 for 144. Now that is 144 clients I have met, and have given a gift before I even tell them what I do or what I can offer them. Also have to pay for choclates on top of that, and also soem DL flyers made, but that wont be very expensive. It will all up probably cost me atound 1k – 1.2k. This is just a little bit of what i used to spend on the paper in a month.