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Well done on your start in business and I reckon you are on track by going to a managed services model. It is the only future – both for you and for your customers. It is only under this model that you can give them the service they deserve and warrant.

BTW I like to say to my clients who have changed to a managed services model – now you only pay me when the computers are working not when the computers are broken!

It sounds like you are now doing marketing because work has fallen off a bit which is probably affecting everyone one way or another. One of the great things about Robin is that she instills habits which create consistency of effort with the marketing. Gotta tell you the truth I was very ordinary with marketing before but now I cant run the business without it.

We have grown managed client revenue from $0 in early 2007 to just under $500K this financial year and we are out in the sticks! I cant imagine what someone like you in a metro location would do using Robins program.

One good example that works (and I know others have mentioned it here) is a monthly newsletter. By doing just that one thing consistently we have got so much better response from our existing clients and a tool to help market to new clients. It sounds simple, but it is hard work and the consistency is the thing. The other important thing is it is on paper NOT an email.

BTW action gets results…so no matter what anyone says about what is good or bad as marketing, the fact you do something will be a positive….you will either get exactly the result you want OR you will learn what doesnt work!