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Step 1: I would plan WHO my most high value propsects are and what I was going to offer them. Most likely, I would consider putting on an event … I like to do events, I enjoy speaking and I do really well at them.

Step 2: I would have my copywriter put together a direct mail piece (around $500) to go out to them.

Step 3: Mail out direct mail piece ($200).

Step 4: We would follow up the direct mail piece with phone calls to put people into the event. I don’t do free events, so there would be a charge (let’s say 10 people @ $97 each … so now I have $1,797).

Step 5: Depending on how big we wanted to go with the event, I’d probably go to a few networking events and talk to people about our event to get them through the door (let’s say that costs $67 per event and I go to three events = $201). Let’s say this puts another 6 people in the room at $97 each (=$582).

Step 5: Hire a nice room for the event for a few hours (let’s say that’s going to cost $900, so I’ve still got $1,278 left).

Step 6: Hire a video production guy to come and video the event ($500, leaves me $778).

Step 7: Do said event and sell people into a variety of products and programs on the back end … Normally I’ll convert a minimum of 20% of the room at an average sale price of $1,500, so 16 people, 20% = 3.2 people = $4,800 … plus the $778 I had left over = $5,578, effectively tripling the money you gave me in the first place … AND I have a DVD that I can now sell as a product.

You just wouldn’t get that result from SEO …

Never just spend money.

Always figure out how it can make you 3,4,5 times the amount …

ESPECIALLY if someone gives you the money!!!

I use this model … it’s incredibly effective!