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Aw shucks Leela, I feel all kinda embarrassed!!!

Yep, sort of what I do do and variations on that theme. Something I learnt a few years back that changed my course a fair bit is that it’s not a matter of how are people going to find me, but where do these people gather/congregate/migrate to and how can I use that knowledge to make contact with them? Creative targeting.

I threw the question about how/what you would spend in reaching a retail market partly because for instance I am yet to be convinced that advertising as such is really worth the expense. Unless say, you were to have a well written add in a well targeted mag for your demographic. It’s still going to be something you would have to try out to know if it was going to work. Any comments???

One of my best promo tools is a glossy postcard. Key (emotive) message on the front, product information on the back. It works much better than a business card (can’t be lost as easily). I spread these wherever I go and ordered over the internet they don’t cost me a fortune.