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Renee Barber
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Hi Colleen

First of all, it can be scary asking for feedback in public forums so well done for having the courage.

I actually find your website to be pretty friendly and relaxed. I’m not a green person, but the soft colour is soothing.

One of the first things I noticed after scrolling down was this line, ‘Colleen loves wading through accounts. Let her get you Accountant ready and save you hours of Accountants fees.’

To me, that’s a really good reason to use your services. You like to do it. Most of us don’t. You can save us money. I reckon that sort of thing needs to used further up as a convincing headline as we like businesses that can solve our problems for us.

Watch out for having too many competing messages on any one page. My eyes were going all over the place. I saw a bookshop, activity books, website development services, ads for your favourite charities, affiliations, etc. They were all competing for my attention and taking it away from your core messages. I’d recommend that you focus on your main area of expertise on your main page and then the add-ons can come later, perhaps under another page ‘Other services’.

I also feel that the layout is giving the visitor a bit of a boxed-in feeling, that or you need to reportion the segments to give the main middle section more ‘air time’. Can that be changed or is fixed in the ‘StoresOnline’ offering? I also recommend a smaller menu or perhaps a horizontal one as it takes up too much web ‘real estate’.

On another point, what’s the message you’re trying to convey by having the stones above your logo (and in the headings for each page)? It is early (and I’m not a morning person), but I’m not getting it.

I’m not a fan of Google ads on business websites unless it’s providing a fair chunk of cash. If it isn’t, and if it’s advertising competitive services, I’d get rid of it.

The other thing I noticed on your About page (which I believe should be higher on the menu) is your statement that you’re ‘a mature aged lady’. I don’t know if it’s necessary to say that at all, but I also wonder if that’s a photo of you behind papers. If so, there’s a bit of a mismatch between that statement and the photo.

OK, so, overall, nothing is ‘screaming’ at me, but I believe your site could benefit from some focus in the copywriting arena and some streamlining and simplification in terms of design and layout.

I hope this helps.