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Re: Response to bad behaviour of child/ren – allergies

Hi, just to follow on the allergy sub-thread here …

I have known I am allergic to food colourings long before the warnings came out. That was over 25 years ago. Colour 102 tartrazine is the worst and is also in intravenous dye tests and eye drop tests for glaucoma which I cannot have because of massive reactions.

I have been tested for allergies very thoroughly – my main problem is toxins from the toners in lasers, petrol fumes, and similar chemicals including garden sprays etc. No-one will acknowledge the laser toner problem, despite my approaching many manufacturers (the reports say there may be a slight risk to some people), but my immunologist says it’s appearing before him more often. I advise anyone using a laser to make sure there is good circulation of fresh air and not get any toner on your skin, nor breathe it.

I now have our commercial size laser under a window that is opened when I use it and I wear a dust mask and gloves when changing toner; I also wear dust mask and gloves for gardening and vacumming now.

There is a printer that uses solid ink by Xerox but it’s too small for my uses. I believe however that this is the way to go for the future as it is much kinder to the environment and is non-toxic. (This weekend Xerox has announced a new solid ink version in the US that is bigger A3 but is so expensive it will be out of the question for most people at first release stage.)

As for our family, we endeavour to use fresh fruits and veges and organic produce as much as possible. We rarely have takeaway and avoid products with additives and colourings. We know that food colourings definitely have an effect on behaviour – both children and adults. We check every label.