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Pam and I look after 4 grandkids on a very regular basis ages from 4yrs to 11 months.
Children will push barriers to see just what they can get away with. Fortunately none of these children suffer from any allergies unless its from a smack of the bottom.
From time to time they play up become a little too boisterous and settling them down is sometimes very hard work.

We find that a variety of activities that only last a few minutes keeps them occupied and repetition of these activities in a non specified order. Regular snacks and with the littler ones the cot comes in handy for between one and three hours.

I feel for those of you who dont have support groups, we have found for these little ones playgroup at a local church just helps to give them interaction with other children of similar ages.

I can remember when I was a kid if we played up or upset either parent didnt do as we were told we got the strap or the wooden spoon. Today this is fround upon, but on that rare occasion when nothing works maybe then my grandkids understand that if they want to push their luck, it may run out.

I have discovered that by treating them in a loving but firm manner they probably love me just as much but respect has crept into the equasion.

My wife does not approve of a short sharp smack when they cross the line, so she handles it her way, and Ive noticed the children will push her more than they will push me

they are my thought s

ps I doubt I would use the same discipline on a child with allergies, but then those that I know react slightly differently to a child that is just defiant.