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Children that are behaving badly can be afraid, bored, jealous, have too much expected of them, worried, feeling unwanted, responding to domestic problems,confused because parents disagree, wanting attention or power, curious, imitating your behaviour or another prominent person in their lives, they may be angry, feeling hassled, lonely, confused, unhappy, getting too much punishment,finding rules too rigid, seeking vengeance, suffering a blow to their self-esteem and taking it out on you. They may be forgetful or misunderstanding of the rules or excited. As others here have said, they may have allergies or intolerances or be unwell in some way.

Another scenario – six year old child is being bullied at school by an older pupil which includes physical and mental torment. In addition, the perpetrators are known to the family and very good friends so the child is reluctant to tell anyone in case it upsets his parents whom he loves deeply. Perpetrator then moves from beating him up to saying “I’m going to kill you all when you’re sleeping..” so this kid starts sitting up all night in case this happens.

To cut to the chase, the unfortunate ending could have been prevented had someone engaged with the child and looked deeper into his resulting behaviour than just writing it off as being ‘defiant’ or ‘being a boy’ as it was.