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I would expect 20% comms, regardless of the size of the order (I’ve sold from $100 to $50,000 on this basis) … although I know some people who pay 100% commission on the first sale, because they know the client will bring in ongoing work … the problem with the difference between $100 and $50k sales is that there is VERY little difference in the work it takes to close them (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true). In fact, I’ve had $697 sales that were FAR harder to make than $30,000 sales.

I guess what you need to look at is this:

Really good salespeople who are willing to work Comm only are ALWAYS in high demand … but even MORE so during a recession.

A really good salesperson can easily make between $80k and $120k, working 9-5pm selling on the phone.

You need to be competitive with that if you want to attract good people … so, just like you would ask yourself “Why would my clients buy from me and not the guy down the road”, ask yourself “Why would a really good salesperson work for me and not the guy down the road”.

Comm only sales people are motivated by money – that’s why they work comm only … you’d starve if you didn’t care about the cash!