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Yowzers, I think Heidi said it best. Not that the rest of you aren’t accurate in your assertions, but it’s evident to see where your priorities lie.

Too often, it’s all about “Sales baby sales!” and less about user experience and deliver true quality to your customer. Not saying that’s what others on this thread are about, I’m just saying it’s too prevalent in our business (web marketing).

I think to be truly successful, a website must do what Heidi’d mentioned, and build an overall mutually beneficial experience with the user, helping foster a relationship that extends past the realm of clicks. If you’re a brick-and-mortar, then there’s obviously a whole world for your business outside your website, but even if you’re completely e-based, it’s still about how you connect with people and how you consider them in relation to clicks and sales.

So, I think a website should be built around what will give your users the best experience possible. If done properly, sales and design accolades will follow.