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designscoop, post: 7455 wrote:
Hello there,
they advise that unless the earnings are split 50/50 this is not the way to go ? It is more like 80/20 at the moment… Accountants seem to just raise their eyebrows? We just want to use the same business name?

I was under the impression you could split a partnership up anyway you wish. You can draw a simple contract up between you and your sister and if you are both happy with it, then that’s how the partnership runs.
You should include items such as what if one or the other wants to exit from the partnership, what if one brings in far more work or works more then the other.

I would consult another accountant.

If you go through a local Business Enterprise Centre they should be able to offer you a free visit to an accountant and may be able to offer additional advice.

You can also start up as a sole trader (plus register a business name) and your sister can work for you, another option depending on how committed your sister is.